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BLOG THRU of the FINAL CHAPTERS of PoA on Pottermore

Good evening folks! I’m still getting myself together. Just scooted in the door. Give me just a couple minutes and I will be up and running.


HOLY MOLY I can tell just by the splash page without logging in that they have changed EVERYTHING. I’m a little floored right now.

It seems that you can now take the Wand Test, Sorting Test, and even Brew a potion without being logged into an account!

Oh nope, when you click it it prompts you to sign up. FAKE OUT!

The site is obviously having some slight difficulties as it just took me three attempts to get it to let me log in.

The look has been totally revamped. The map is pretty but on the whole it’s going to take some getting used to. Also I’m pretty sure this should be actually pointing at something and it is not:

2013-07-31 19_10_29-A unique online Harry Potter experience from J.K. Rowling

Every moment is showing up as grey even ones I’ve already done. I’ve heard rumors that they’ve added things but tonight we are going to focus on the new chapters only. Now if only I can get to them without getting lost. *starts to scroll through the stream of moments at the bottom*

Right now I’m missing the gateway because I would already be where I wanted to be by now.

Oooops scrolled to far! While I’m doing this, thought I’d let you know that if you’ve ever wanted to learn to duel now is the time. Even the dueling heavy weights are in the process of re-learning how to duel. Get in while the getting is good.


Alright, where we left off: Gryffindor had just won the house QUIDDITCH cup (in Prisoner of Azkaban) and Harry was about to go into his final exams for the Third Year.

Chapter 16: Professor Trelawney’s Prediction

Moment 1: Exam Time

  • I hear birds! Moment is still loading but I definitely hear birds.
  • OH We’re in Lupin’s final exam!
  • I always thought this exam sounded fun.
  • Famous last words I bet.
  • Growing immediately to the right of the barrel full of water there is knotgrass (ingredient) to be picked.
  • In the thumbnail image of the moment at the bottom there is now a status bar. It’s filled up a little since I picked the knotgrass.
  • I’m also playing with whatever is in the water. It keeps surfacing and vanishing again.
  • In the water slightly above and to the right of the barrel you can collect leeches (ingredient).
  • Pottermore keeps popping up windows trying to help me with the new Story Navigator at the bottom. >.<
  • Unless I can catch the thing in the barrel I think I better zoom in.
  • I see a bunch of holes in the marsh. Let’s try to click em.
  • RED CAPS!!!
  • Is this like Whack a Mole. I want it to be like Whack a Mole.
  • It’s not is it?
  • Not finding anything to collect at this zoom level. And when I look the Red Caps grunt at me and brandish what seems to be bone clubs. EEP
  • Zoomed in and picked up fluxweed (ingredient) from near the trunk in the distance.
  • Oooh eery when I go to the left with my mouse I see a hinkypunk attempting to lead me off into the marsh.
  • Better not follow him though.
  • You can also hear faint thumping from the trunk when you scroll by it.
  • I know I’m still missing something. THANK YOU STATUS BAR.
  • Okay. Siriusly. Where is it?
  • Alright I see the item I’m missing in the coding and yet can’t find it in the moment.
  • GOT IT. Little buggers tried to hide from me.
  • On the second zoom (with the red caps) it’s in a puddle above where they are. Horned Slugs (ingredient)
  • It’s almost all the way to the right near some tall grass.
  • But this didn’t complete my status bar. I might be at this all night >.<
  • Zoomed all the way in and made another Hinkypunk come out of the marsh. I think I might need to find one more to fill my bar.
  • Found it in the straw colored bush to the right. (Thanks tahrin in the comments)

Moment 2: The Committee

  • This one certainly is pretty.
  • I’ve already filled part of the bar by making Buckbeak wiggle his ears. WEIRD.
  • Let’s just start with that very visible card lying in the grass in front of Hagrid’s House. It’s the Tilly Toke chocolate frog card.
  • Some of you might have seen these floating around early.
  • You can also grab the aubergine flavoured bean (object) in the shadows to the right of the cabin.
  • Zooming in but as I do so I would like to note the fabulous shade of green that is Fudge’s bowler hat.
  • The old committee member’s cough doesn’t sound to good.
  • And the gleam on Macnair’s axe is a little ominous.
  • There are always potion ingredients around Hagrid’s. Just grabbed some valerian sprigs from the path in front of Dumbledore.
  • And some dried nettles from in front of his crossbow. There are almost always dried nettles at Hagrid’s.
  • I’ve got a drippy barrel and a rattling front door. Think it’s time to zoom again.
  • Oh wait, it zoomed back out and my bar is full.

Chapter 17: Cat, Rat, and Dog

Moment 1: The Shadow of the Whomping Willow

  • Really excited now. The end of this book was my favorite. Yay!
  • This moment is very dark. I can barely make out Harry and Hermione on the ground.
  • Then again it was probably this dark for them.
  • So we will call that realism. 😉
  • Found a leaping toadstool (ingredient) growing in the right section of the roots.
  • Also picked some asphodel (ingredient) more near the center of the roots.
  • The flower on the asphodel is very pretty.
  • Went to zoom and nothing happened. Uhhhhhh
  • Found more fluxweed (ingredient) in a very dark part of the roots. Start at Hermione’s head and move your mouse up to find it. Very tricky.
  • Thanks to Pisces in the comments I now know Harry’s wand should light up. Didn’t work until I refreshed.
  • Now not only can I see, but the tree’s branches are going nutso.
  • I can see Ron’s legs coming from the hole in the tree. Please please please tell me the last little section of bar isn’t going to require me to watch his leg break?
  • Nope, ran my mouse over the ground between Ron and Hermione. The invisibility cloak briefly appeared and now my bar is FULL.
  • Haha, the status bar is growing on me. I might have to do everything over from the beginning.
  • Maybe I will do a couple chapters a week on Sundays. What do you guys think?

Moment 2: The Man In The Shadows

  • Don’t mind me. Just hanging in the shrieking shack. Like you do.
  • The audiobook scared me more than when the door slammed to reveal Sirius standing behind it.
  • I literally jumped.
  • Clicked on Sirius to unlock Secret Keeper new info from JKR! *dashes off to read it*
  • They enchanted the web page so I can’t copy and paste. They’ve gotten clever. This is good stuff. Knew most of it, but not all.
  • Aww man, he’s reading to me again. LOL. I only left for a second Jim Dale. I’m good on the audiobook for now.
  • Ran my mouse over the wall to the left of the door and plaster and stuff fell off.
  • Ewwww underneath I collected some woodlice (ingredient).
  • Where’s a girl gonna store some live woodlice. My trunk is partially made of wood!
  • Don’t eat my trunk!
  • There are two sections of plaster to the left of the door to collapse.
  • And after you collapse them both you will find black beetle eyes (ingredient) in the rubble on the floor.
  • On the right wall there is something that looks like grapes, but it’s really mushrooms growing from the wall.
  • On second thought I don’t want to chill in the shrieking shack. Too much gross stuff. Blech.
  • Ran my mouse over the bed hangings and a bunch of dust flew out.
  • There’s no zoom here so I’m still missing something according to my status bar.
  • Candles flicker when you roll past but that’s not it.
  • Found it, going right to the peak of where the bed curtains seperate a little spider falls down and then swings back up.
  • Only JUST realized it’s making a little tinkling noise every time I finish a moment 100%.
  • Getting more and more like a real video game isn’t it?

Chapter 18: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs 

Moment 1: Lupin’s Tale

  • OMG animal marauders!
  • I want to snuggle them.
  • Wait, I’m a Slytherin.
  • I want to nobly pat one on the head in a not girly sort of way.
  • Little sad to see the bar is half full just from listening to the quote.
  • Aww they move a little.
  • I just made Padfoot sniff and wiggle his ears. Back to wanting to snuggle him.
  • Looking for wormtail. Bet he’s in the grass lurking.
  • YUP there he is in the grass next to Padfoot.
  • And the bar is full that fast.
  • It was still a great moment on the beauty scale. Should have put some JKR info here or something.
  • Especially since this one moment is actually the whole chapter.

Chapter 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort

Moment 1: Peter’s Transformation

  • Oh god the squealing here is hurting my head.
  • They’ve got Scabbers hovering in a spell and he is flipping out.
  • Getting a better look at the sheer amount of hair Sirius has going on right now. I kinda like it.
  • Took me a minute to figure out how to make the squealing stop. Double click to force Scabbers to reveal his true identity.
  • At least he’s quieter in this form. Even if technically he is still a RAT.
  • There’s more plaster to knock down on either side of Pettigrew.
  • Behind the left patch above Lupin’s arm you will find bat wings (ingredient).
  • After you knock down the patch to the right of Pettigrew you can pick up scarab beetle bodies (ingredient) from the pile of stuff on the floor.
  • My bar isn’t full and I’m poking the walls trying to knock down more plaster. LMAO.
  • FOUND EM, collected spider legs (ingredient) from along the wall between Lupin and Pettigrew. This one was hard to find even after someone told me where to look.
  • I didn’t have to knock down any plaster to get them either.

Chapter 20: The Dementor’s Kiss

Moment 1: Full Moon

  • Oh dear, we’ve jumped right into where Sirius as a dog is fighting Lupin as a werewolf.
  • The snarling is intense. My cat’s are looking around me concerned.
  • Picked up some dittany from the ground between the fighting animals. That could come in handy next book.
  • *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  • Clicked on Lupin to unlock Werewolves new info from JKR.
  • This one’s a bit longer than the first reading. Might take me a second to read it. Pretty excited though.
  • I would like to sincerely apologize if you are having problems posting comments. Apparently it’s acting strange. If you have a question while live you can tweet me @elmblade45 or hit me up on Facebook http://facebook.com/elmblade43
  • Seriously going to read this now.
  • This reading is excellent!
  • Finally an answer as to why most werewolves are former wizards/witches.
  • OOh the info about werewolf mating is very fascinating. If I still wrote fanfic I might use some of it.
  • Played with the shackles on the ground and now I’m zooming in.
  • Scrolled near their mouths and they both snarled and drooled a bit. Kinda scary.
  • Don’t want to meet a werewolf in the dark. For sure.
  • At the foot of the trees to the left you can collect monkshood (ingredient).
  • Another gorgeous plant to pick. Wish I could have some for real. I wonder what it smells like.
  • Only a little bit of bar left to fill now.
  • There it is, on the right under the werewolve’s tail you can pick up some wormwood (ingredient).
  • And there’s the little chime telling me my progress bar is full for this moment.
  • Never again will I wonder if I’ve gotten everything in a moment. Yay!

Moment 2: The Lake Shore

  • Ack, dementors. I can hear their rattling breath. *shivers*
  • There are so many of them! And I think Hermione is already down for the count!
  • Zoomed in once and now I can see the water of the lake splashing to the shore.
  • All the while the dementors breathing is driving me mad!
  • At the edge of the water I picked up some spines of lionfish (ingredient).
  • Gotta love free USABLE ingredients.
  • I’m not sensing any new potions on the horizon. So many ingredients that have no potions to be used in!
  • Out in the water I clicked what I thought was a reddish plant but turned out to be tubeworms (ingredient).
  • Ran my mouse along the shore line and to the left of Harry found a pebble.
  • Hahaha, the description just says “useful as a paperweight”.
  • Thank you Pottermore for THAT.
  • *giggles*
  • Looks like my paperweight filled up my progress bar.
  • I like the progress bar. I’m still not sold on the overall layout of the site. But I think I can get used to it.
  • I just have to let go of two years of using it the other way.

Chapter 21: Hermione’s Secret

Moment 1: Time Turner

  • Let me bore you a minute with some reminiscence.
  • I read Prisoner of Azkaban in a day. I started in the morning and read all the way until the sun rose the next day. As the sun rose the next day, I arrived at this very chapter and was incapable of putting it down until I finished.
  • It was just THAT good.
  • Now I’ll load the moment.
  • For some reason Stargate just popped into my head.
  • It’s bright and swirling light and Hermione and Harry are right in the middle of it.
  • You can see the chain of the time turner connecting them!
  • I am gonna double click to let the time turning commence.
  • And we’re in the entrance hall.
  • OMG, I love them. The beads are going up and down. >.<
  • Only thing that would make them better is if they matched the Great Hall standings on the site.
  • Now that I’ve said that I realize they probably match what is true to the books.
  • Must respect that of course.
  • By the way I clicked where the link to the Great Hall USED to be on the top of the site.
  • It’s not there anymore. I’m never going to remember that.
  • At the foot of the Slytherin hour glass you will find five galleons.
  • Those are the only galleons in this set of chapters I think. Some times I’m getting rich sometimes no.
  • By the way I left those galleons there for you all. You’re welcome.
  • *giggles*
  • At the foot of the Ravenclaw hourglass you will find the infamous Montrose’ Magpies badge.
  • Infamous for the fact that it appeared in a previous book, but glitched and was only collected by a few. And then later was given as a prize to Slytherin for winning the Pottermore House Cup.
  • I have the intense urge to begin hoarding them.
  • I’m starting to think the standings on the house cups in this moment is actually random.
  • ON the Gryffindor hour glass between the lions feet you will find a Bertie Bott’s Cheese-Flavoured bean.
  • I don’t think Hufflepuff left anything for us to collect at the foot of theirs. 😮
  • And now I’m clicking on the time turner dangling between Harry and Hermione’s heads to unlock Time-Turner new info from JKR!
  • I forgot they do Spoiler Alerts now. Off to read it.
  • Hahaha, Under the Spoiler Alert pop up it just says “stuff” as the description. LMAO.
  • “Tuesday following her reappearance lasted two and a half full days, whereas Thursday shot by in the space of four hours.”
  • I love JKR’s sense of humor. She’s so clever. Reading this you can feel her running through the words.
  • And she talked about in her thoughts why she later destroyed them all.
  • This kind of stuff is what Pottermore was made for. I’m loving it.

Moment 2: Buckbeak’s Rescue

  • Wait haven’t we been here before?
  • 😉
  • On the fence to the right of the cabin you can collect unicorn tail hair (ingredient). Could have gotten snagged on the fence. Or perhaps Hagrid simply put it there.
  • This time we zoom towards Hagrid’s back yard instead of his front.
  • I’m really quite pleased with the cleverness here. To return me to the moment in a different way.
  • Perfect for this time travel chapter.
  • There’s a blue bottle of billywig stings (ingredient) on the ground between fence spokes.
  • Another common Hagrid’s hut find.
  • To the right of that on the ground there is a galleon to collect.
  • Rustled some birds out of the tree by running my mouse over them.
  • Then I pet Buckbeak and he moved a bit.
  • Progress bar is showing I’m missing something big…
  • Ran my mouse past the trio going left and when I hit the forest, for just a moment, I could see Harry and Hermione from the future peering around trees in the woods.
  • A beautiful touch. This moment was truly well done.
  • Ahahaha. I can make them come out and then hide again.
  • Sit still or someone will see you guys!!!!

Moment 3: Prongs

  • Patronus prongs is truly gorgeous.
  • When I run my mouse past he glows a bit brighter. And again I can make waves come to shore.
  • In the small waves you can collect a murtlap tentacle (object).
  • Another thing that might come in handy in the future.
  • Upon zooming you can see the Dementors closing in on Hermione, Harry, and Sirius on the opposite bank.
  • But Patronus Prongs is coming to drive them off!
  • Now you can click on Prongs to unlock Patronus Charm new info from JKR.
  • I’m actually going to save this one to read later. Time is ticking and it’s just past my bedtime.
  • Plus they destroyed all the time-turners so I can’t use one to get more sleep time.
  • Wish I could though. 🙂
  • Hahaha, on the opposite shore you can repick the same tubeworms (ingredient) you picked when you were at the lake earlier in theday.
  • Another fun time travel jab. Love it.
  • And then in the distant shore to the left you can pick up slimy seaweed.
  • I’ve always wished we had an extra source of seaweed.
  • 😛

Moment 4: Sirius and Buckbeak Escape

  • I’m glad they did this chapter justice by giving it all these moments. As I said earlier this chapter hooked me BAD.
  • The last time we were on this roof we were smuggling Norbert the dragon out of the castle.
  • Today we are watching Sirius fly off on Buckbeak.
  • The artwork is gorgeous.
  • Buckbeak flaps his wings when you get near him with the mouse.
  • Behind Harry and Hermione there is a galleon on the ground.
  • On top of a box in the same area you can pick up an owl treat.
  • Which to me looks similar to treats I’ve given my cat in the past.
  • Zoomed in and picked up the Hesper Starkey chocolate frog card. It’s leaning on the battlements below Buckbeak’s back hooves.
  • Completed the moment by zooming back out and playing with the owls in the top windows of the tower.
  • On to the FINAL CHAPTER.

Chapter 22: Owl Post Again

Moment 1: Professor Lupin’s OFfice

  • As a Slytherin I would like to say I LOVE Dumbledore’s robes in this moment.
  • I want them.  Where can I buy some?
  • Lupin is leaving and I would be sad but I see a bunch of stuff to pick up.
  • And since he’s leaving it behind I feel its fair gain. Right?
  • In the glass doored cupboard I grabbed an empty ink pot (object).
  • Above that there’s a chocolate bar (object) to be enjoyed in moderation.
  • Again with that?
  • I refuse to moderate my chocolate.
  • You can’t make me JKR!
  • Zoomed in and found a hair roller (object) behind the door.
  • o.O
  • It has blond hair on it, surely it was Lockhart’s. *snickers*
  • Yet another clever touch.
  • I can rattle the door, knock a candle off the sconce on the wall, and roll and unroll scrolls on the shelf.
  • Let’s just wreck everything left behind shall we?
  • Wait who’s homework scrolls are these just lying discarded on the shelf?
  • Waste of time that could have been spent playing gobstones or something.
  • I’m digressing.
  • Picked up an old quill (object) off the bottom shelf.
  • We now have both the fanciest quill and the least fanciest quill as collectible items. Both collected from DADA teachers in this very office.
  • Coincidence? I think not!
  • At last, I will click on the departing professor to unlock Remus Lupin info from JKR!
  • Or not….
  • “In order to read this exclusive content you will need to discover it in the following moment: Professor Lupin’s Office”
  • And it gives me a link back to the moment.
  • Ruh roh.
  • It’s glitched on me. Because the quill has shown back up, but I can’t collect it it just goes back to the shelf.
  • The progress bar shows 100% but the info is clearly still locked in the right panel of the menu.
  • Hmmmm.
  • Maybe logging off and back on will help.
  • Phew, got the purple unavailable screen, but now I’m logged back in.
  • My progress bar has gone down, but lets see if I can really pick up the quill and unlock the info now.
  • GOT IT. Another Spoiler Warning with the description “stuff” and I’m off to read the Lupin info.
  • It’s LOOOONG. This might take a minute.
  • Greyback is a monster!
  • This is the longest bit of unlockable info to date and is really a full biography on Remus Lupin.
  • To hear about his childhood and his parents has given him new depth.
  • His life was never easy after the age of 5…
  • And hearing about him and Tonks. I’m getting a little misty eyed.
  • Alright, now I’ve read it all misty eyed is an understatement.
  • Poor Lupin. And now I hate Greyback and Dolohov quite a bit more than I did before.

Moment 2: Back to London

  • The final moment of the third book has arrived.
  • It took me so long to read the Lupin info Pottermore logged me off.
  • And now I’m on the Hogwarts’ Express returning to London. Wish it was going the other way.
  • Double-clicked to actually enter the compartment.
  • There’s a lot going on here. Ron is holding out Pigwidgeon. He moves and hoots when you roll over him.
  • He’s very cute.
  • There’s an exploding snap pack on the table that has a small explosion when you roll over it.
  • Behind this there are exploding bon bons (object) to collect.
  • This is a very volatile collection to be on one table. Could blow at any moment.
  • There’s a pumpkin pasty on the bench in front of Hedwig’s cage.
  • Rolling my mouse around I can open and close the outside window also.
  • I can also click to read the letter from Sirius which is in Hermione’s hand!
  • I think this handwriting on this note is too neat. LOL.
  • You can also read the permission note from Sirius, it’s on the table tucked under the envelope.
  • The gobstone (object) that is rolling around on the table is also collectible.
  • It’s also slightly hard to catch.
  • My progress bar is still not full…
  • AH, there it is. There is a galleon in the luggage rack above Crookshanks.


Pottermore is doing exactly what we all wanted it to do: it is evolving. I am sorry I have not had time to be around more. Work has gotten quite heavy and is taking a toll on the free time I have for things like this. I am seriously considering a weekly blog through starting at the beginning and going through what I am calling Pottermore 2.0. Perhaps going through a handful of chapters every Sunday and getting the progress bars on each to maximum and blogging along the way. That is if enough people are interested in reading that.

Thanks for coming along with me tonight those of you who did. I know it is later in the evening than usual. Heck it’s almost midnight here! If you weren’t here live, thanks for reading it anyway. I don’t think I was as funny as usual. I blame tiredness. G’night!

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New Chapters and Features Added

Pottermore has released new content. Return here at 7:00 PM EST for my normal Live Blog Thru. See ya then!!!


Live blog commencing her: http://elmgoestohogwarts.com/2013/07/31/live-blog-thru-of-the-final-chapters-of-poa-on-pottermore/

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Live Blog Through: Prisoner of Azkaban CH 8 – 15

Greetings Pottermorians! Today Pottermore launched the middle section of Prisoner of Azkaban consisting of eight new chapters. Coming just shy of four months after the first section, this release leaves seven chapters of this book to be released at a later time.

For those of you joining me live, feel free to comment away. I will be responding to them as I go. If you see I’ve moved on and left something behind please let me know!

When we left Harry’s story, he had just gotten settled for his third year at Hogwarts! He had just attended his first lessons of the year, including new subjects and new teachers. Lets see where these new chapters will take us…


{This blog is currently LIVE meaning information is constantly being added as I work my way through the chapters. To see this new information as I post it you will have to refresh the page.}

Chapter 8: Flight of the Fat Lady

Continue reading

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Blog Through: Prisoner of Azkaban CH 1 – 7

Good evening! And welcome to my LIVE blog through of the first chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban on Pottermore. This is my favorite of the novels so I’m really looking forward to seeing it.


As I go through I will be tracking how many points earned in each chapter and cataloging what can be collected and unlocked. Collectibles will be in bold. Unlockable J.K. Rowling content will be italicized.

Chapter 1: Owl Post

Moment 1: Harry’s Birthday Continue reading

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Third Book to Begin THIS WEEK

According to the Pottermore insider, the first chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban will be available to explore this Thursday December 20th!!!

This is a work day for me so my live blog thru will begin between 6:30 and 7:00 pm EST on that day. No time of day or when the chapters will launch has been released at this time. Check the Pottermore Insider for the official details.

What an unexpected Christmas present!

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Many Still Wait

Hey guys! As many of you have seen I have been returned my confiscated points. I can not thank you all enough for your love and support on this matter. I would give each and every one of you hugs if I could.

I am writing today to ask you all to continue sending emails to Pottermore on behalf of the many users who are still waiting for the return of their confiscated points. Many have not heard anything and most who have heard received no definitive answer as to whether they would see their points again. This can not continue!

Write to Pottermore! Tell them that it is INNOCENT until proven guilty and not the other way around. Tell them that if they don’t intend to return the points they need to inform each user of this. It is unfair to leave so many people in limbo wondering if they will see their points again. And the people have a right to know why their points are not being returned.

I have realized that together we can make them listen. Please don’t go silent. I need you. My fellow players who’s points were also taken need you.


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Thanks for Nothing, Pottermore!

UPDATE: As of this afternoon I have entered into correspondence with a member of the Pottermore team in regards to this situation. I have been assured that staff are going “to review every response from user accounts that had house points deducted, and where there are mitigating circumstances that is supported by the usage information we have captured  we will re-instate house points.” If you have had your points deducted it is very important that you send a message to Pottermore stating your case. Visit the Help page on Pottermore and follow the headings OTHER -> WHAT’S NEXT? -> NEED MORE HELP? to reach the email form.

Hello loyal readers. I am going to try to keep my temper as I write this but rest assured if I lose it it is not at you, but at POTTERMORE and its injustices. What you see above is a screen shot of the Great Hall shortly before Pottermore deducted the points from anyone who had more than a certain number of points earned in a day. As you can see, I am up there. Right in the number one spot for Slytherin. You will also notice here that Ravenclaw is in first.

Some time this morning, Pottermore deducted all of my points. I received no advanced warning. Nor did any of the other 60 or so leader board members who lost all of their points. Many of whom are good friends of mine.

Their reasoning? We earned an “unusual” number of points. Some received e-mails saying so. I did not. I DID NOT EVEN GET AN E-MAIL. I have not received a response to any of my inquiries on the subject. In fact I’m starting to think that Pottermore is giving me the silent treatment.

Finally about an hour ago they posted on the Pottermore Insider about this.

Among this was:

“We have invited anyone who has had house points deducted, but can show that the points were actually earned fairly, to contact the Pottermore team and their points may be re-instated.”

HOW??? How do I prove  my points were earned fairly? I didn’t have to forethought to install a Duel Cam to record me dueling. Would you like a testimonial letter from my very patient albeit frustrated boyfriend?

The injustice of this has shaken me. This might be the final straw for me. I might be leaving Pottermore forever.

NOWHERE did they state how many points was too many points. NOWHERE have they told us how they decided what that value was.

I was one of the ones screaming for your fair play, Pottermore. I WAS ONE OF THE ONES BEGGING YOU TO START PROSECUTING CHEATERS.

I guess I was stabbed with my own sword as it were.

Want to know how I earned all those points? All 7,924 points were earned by dueling constantly for two days straight. I knew when the points would reset. I rested up, I got prepared, I cleared my schedule. I EVEN TOOK THE DAY OFF OF WORK. The moment the points cleared after the cup was awarded I was online and dueling. I slept maybe four hours between Wednesday and Thursday. I’m not saying that is healthy or normal, but it isn’t cheating.

I was so excited to see myself atop the leader board. I was tired and elated when I went to bed last night. I expected to take a break today and maybe get on and duel again tonight. Instead I found myself with zero points and without the tiniest urge to earn points.

What would the point be? Who’s to say what Pottermore’s magic number is that is too many points? Right now I can earn in a day what the top of the leaderboard has. How do I know? I DID IT WEDNESDAY. But why should I? If I do so who’s to say that tomorrow or the next day they won’t take it all away again with absolutely no reasoning other than I earned more than they thought was normal?

I don’t know if I will ever get my points back. I doubt it as I can’t prove anything. But I can say one thing for sure, there is NO WAY I am EVER going to believe they “thoroughly investigated” before doing this. I am NEVER going to believe that all of those people, many of whom I know and talk to, deserved to have their points completely deducted.


As of right now I am on strike. Those item lists that need updating? Not happening. The 100 or so friend requests? Not getting accepted. New Potions tutorial? Never getting written. Until I get my points returned or at least a reasonable explanation as to what I did that was considered cheating (other than dueling more than the others) I have no intention of playing on Pottermore. 

My love for the site is dead. Maybe it will come back. But right now I’m over it.

I’m tired of Pottermore staff treating us as if we are faceless users. I’m tired of fighting for fairness only to be unfairly punished just for being a good dueler. I have put a lot of my own personal time into Pottermore. And now I’m starting to feel like it was all a waste.

Thanks for nothing, Pottermore.

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Chamber of Secrets (ch 12 -18) Blog Through

Update: If you are a Slytherin you will not need Polyjuice potion to get into the Slytherin common room in the story. All other houses see A Tale of Two Potions for help brewing Polyjuice.

Are you guys ready? I’m getting set up at this end right now! First a couple things all collectible items will be in bold. This includes Objects, Chocolate Frog Cards, Books, Galleons and Potion Ingredients. All unlockable J.K. Rowling info will be listed in itallics. This is to help you find them in this entry if you are just looking for item locations. All item location lists here on the blog will be updated after the fact, currently they only go through chapter 11 of Chamber of Secrets.

Please feel free to leave comments as I go along. If I have missed something and moved on please feel free to tell me.

Where we left off: Harry had attended the Dueling Club where he accidentally revealed to the entire school that he could speak to snakes. The dragon dung is about to hit the proverbial fan. Hope you guys are ready, I know I am!

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Pottermore News

As reported previously Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne spoke at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Monday to discuss Pottermore. Pottermore News was not in attendance, but has gathered a lot of interesting information from sources that were at the Fair – including the release date of the final chapters of Chamber of Secrets.

In his speech, Charlie Redmayne talked about how Pottermore can be used as a model for the future of digital publishing and how there are countless opportunities for the site and the Potter brand overall. He even went as far as to saying that they are exploring in-flight entertainment.

Here’s a part of his speech (via the book fair’s blog):

“Most publishers see digital publishing as creating e-books or, perhaps, enhanced e-books, but Pottermore looked at every single platform—e-books, browser-based experiences, social network, apps, game consoles, in-flight entertainment, YouTube, and educational platforms—to see if and how it could work…

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A Tale of Two Potions

With the last batch of chapters on Pottermore, a new era for potion making began. Not only did they completely redesign how the Potions game is coded, but they, for the first time ever, made brewing potions REQUIRED to get certain items to move forward through the chapters. Also, for the first time, certain ingredients for the potions MUST BE FOUND and can not simply be purchased in Diagon Alley.

I am working on a new Potions tutorial to replace Potions 101 (which is all but defunct now with the new potions) but for those of you who want to brew the new potions now I thought I would go ahead and share my experiences with each, tell you where to get your ingredients (and some workarounds for tricky ingredients to collect or use).

We will be doing this by potion, so saddle up, first up is…

Swelling Solution

A completed Swelling Solution is required to get into Snape’s private stores in Chapter 5 of Chamber of Secrets. Brewing Swelling Solution will earn you 7 points for your house.

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